Education and Awareness Creation

Comprise of activities aimed at raising the general awareness and facilitating the sharing of knowledge on natural resource management, general environmental issues and best environment practices.

This is done through capacity building to the youths and the women in the community through a participatory learning process where the youths and women are given opportunity to speak their minds and to contribute fully regarding environmental issues affecting then as well as coming up with the best suitable local solutions to these problems. We do this to inspire members of the society to identify and associate with values that can ensure sound environmental practices to promote environmental sustainability

 Tree Planting

The natural forests in Kenya play an important role in environmental protection and provision of products which include catchment protection. These forests help in regulating water quantity and quality as well as condition of fundamental commodities such as air, soil, and genetic diversity of flora and fauna. These forests also form an integral part of livelihoods of rural communities. However, forest degradation and deforestation continues to be a major concern in Kenya hence threatening these functions.

Mother Earth Network is involved in tree planting exercise that is aimed at contributing to increment of tree cover in Kenya, going by the already planted one million trees in lower Subukia, we are now expanding our tree planting programs to urban slums of Mukuru, Kariobangi as a way of creating a clean environment for urban settlements where they can breathe clean and secure air. The tree planting programme is also being done in schools as a way of reaching out to the young people and developing the culture of environmental conservation through tree planting for the sustainability of our country.

 Community Mobilization and Sensitization

The network is involved in sensitizing and mobilizing local communities on their roles and responsibilities as managers and custodians of natural resources and ecosystems.

This in majorly done to achieve the following objectives

  • To equip communities with the necessary knowledge and skills  to embrace environmental conservation through tree planting and attitude change
  • To in still awareness on importance of community participation in  natural resource management  at local, regional and national levels,
  • To mobilise community members to embrace environmental protection as a way of ensuring peaceful coexistence with nature and promoting sound environmental management and governance

Advocacy and Information Dissemination

This focuses on activities aimed at enhancing information sharing and dissemination as well as receiving feedback. The target groups comprising of various stakeholders such as Policy makers, Implementing Agencies, Civil Society, Community Groups and Learning Institutions.

Through this the network is able to disseminate information that can greatly empower the society and to change their mindset on how they should interact with mother nature to ensure harmony between nature and society as well as remain good stewards of God’s creation and to always strive to make their surrounding better for the future generations.

Media Engagement

The network  enhance collaboration with media houses by undertaking TV and Radio programs, documentaries, print media on environmental activities and achievements. This promotes sound outreach program where vast majority can be reached with the good message of care for creation and stewardship, we also aims at focusing the media fraternity to give attention to environmental issues affecting our country in order to create a platform of strong advocacy through the media platforms.

Mother networks collaborate with the following partners to implements its programs and activities

  • Franciscan Family Association in Kenya(FFA-Kenya)
  • Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB)
  • Association of Sisterhood in Kenya- AOSK
  • Kenyatta University Environmental Club(KUNEC)
  • Total Eco Challenge.

  • Damietta Piece Initiatives(DPI)
  • Green World Resource Foundation
  • Carbon Asset Limited
  • Commission of Justice Peace Integrity and Care of Creation (CJPIC)
  • Kenya Young Christians Student Movement(YCS)