DAY OF AFRICAN CHILD, 16th June 2020

The DAY OF AFRICAN CHILD was celebrated in many places and in meaningful manners. Shalom Shalom Shalom Peace and all good. The Day of African Child celebration is an opportunity to connect the dots of Laudato Si especially the cry of the poor, Blacks Lives Matters, Children’s rights, Covid-19, and climate Justice. 

The Laudato Si Generation Africa organized this event in collaboration with Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation Franciscans Africa, The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Laudato Si Revolution, Franciscan Family Association in Kenya, Mother Earth Network, Nature Nurture Club, GCCM Africa, 350 Africa, Mercy Sisters, and Interfaith Public Health Network, plus many other stakeholders around the World. 

 On that day, we brought different voices from different parts of the world to build our strong voice to advocate for the better future of African Children in regard to children’s rights and climate justice. This started in South Africa after the uprising of between 3000-10000 students in Soweto, South Africa marching for their rights on 16 June 1976. On the way to Orlando Stadium, the students met heavily armed police. They fired teargas and later live ammunition and killed thousands of them. That brutality of police is not far from the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the  Black Lives Matter movement which is being confronted by heavy police brutality causing more innocent lives. This event is coming in during a time where the whole world has stood up for justice and equal rights for white and blacks people. We can’t separate Africa from Europe and the US  since the story starts from slavery. Therefore we are all connected and the world needs a united people and united voice, justice for all. The UN  theme of this year was ” Conflict and Crisis in Africa: Protecting all Children’s Rights”. Apart from Black Lives Matters, this theme is relevant to the critical crisis of Covid-19 and  Climate Change.  Due to this situation, there is a need to empower our young generation, to promote justice to people and the planet for their better life and next generation. Join us in a global dialogue focusing on the young generation amidst Racism, Covid-19, climate change, and many other historical injusticeJoin and share your ideas for a Better World and a  just recovery.