R E P O R T   O N   M O T H E R  – E A R T H NETWORK    2 0 2 0

Dear Sister and Brother

The activities of Mother Earth in recent times are almost stagnant. My transfer from Langata to Westlands Nairobi in October 2019 to our Provincial house made it more rare that I spent time in Langata, especially in Portiuncula the FFA Centre.

The Corona Virus had its own influence to separate me from the presence in Langata or Portiuncula.

Yet some events took place concerning planting of trees especially in the compound of CUEA together with the Friends of St. Francis or Youfra some months ago.

In the Portiuncula Centre are still about 2 000 seedlings waiting to be planted somewhere.

There came up a new initiative to think about and plan for a new cooperation with the pretty stagnant GREEN BELT MOVEMENT. A first meeting with the officials of the famous movement is in planning.

Another supportive idea is on the way, that our OFM province in Eastern Africa becomes more interested than in the past to give new life to the intention of the existing Mother Earth Network. It may turn out that the appearance of Mother Earth will be strengthened by a moving pick up, carrying name, emblem, a living tree on the vehicle to appear in public in a form of visibility.

At present a certain initiative is in praxis to forward the action to plant as many seedlings of the herbal ARFTEMIZIA shrub as possible. . The intention is together with the Benedictine Sisters of Karen to promote the planting of Artemizia especially in religious communities to create a solid health structure in our communities to face Corona Virus in a most cheap manner. More than 10 000 Artemizia seedlings are in the planning.  

Since Corona Virus might still accompany us for a long time, the stress on Artemizia may have its expected positive support for a structure of firm health in our Religious communities.

Further activities concerning Mother Earth may be planned when the Corona Pandemy is declining.

Br. Hermann Borg ofm

Tel .+254734905292

Person In charge