Fr. Hermann Borg, a Franciscan of the Catholic Order of Friars Minor OFM likes to introduce himself with a specific gesture. He bends his head and moves his right hand over his forehead as  a sign to wish away some sweat thereon. This gesture reminds him and others of the kind of hard work he got involved in 25 years ago, when he lived in Lower Subukia, Nakuru. His care for the environment made him plant about 1 Million trees in an area of about 1 000 km2. The Lower Subukia tree planting initiative has been a great model on how tree planting can bring transformation and environmental change that can revive the provision of environmental  services. Its amazing to see how the area has Rivers are now flowing, there is bumper harvest, the conflicts have been reduced and the community members are ever, motivated to plant trees during all the two major rainy seasons in Kenya.

The gesture and the work he got involved in characterize him as a man of action, responsibility, cooperation, commitment and a strategic planner. In case it happens that you have the chance to pass Lower Subukia you notice without doubt the number of young grown up trees decorating this peace of the world.  The beneficiaries are the larger local communities of lower Subukia.

Fr. Hermann as a man of action sees a chance and uses it. As a Germany national staying in in Kenya he has contributed much to the development of Africa at the grass-root level. Having left Lower Subukia 20 years ago, people still remember and honor him. Besides his practical work he has accompanied the young generation, the families and the residents in many ways. He has organized for seminars and workshops under various modern topics. The foreign culture of  Africa becoming not a barrier but only a challenge for him however he amazes people with his

structure Swahili speech that communicates well and reveals his inner thoughts and sharing. Accustomed to African food he can pay a visit to any home and eat any food   offered to him.

After his great work in Lower Subukia he moved and settled in Nairobi committing himself to the work of his Order but at the same time pursuing his passion for care of creation by organizing activities concerning the environment. In contacts to schools he organized some tree planting activities. The network with people who like the environment as individuals and as organizations counts over one thousand. His vision about the rehabilitation of the God’s Creation often shared in talks whenever given time to speak to conservation enthusiasts more so during the annual interfaith National Environment day Celebrations among other environmental forums.

After being rewarded for his conservation initiatives on World Environmental Day in 2011 for showcasing the true meaning Stewardship of Gods creation through tree panting and care for Mother Earth for our future generations, he founded MOTHER EARTH NETWORK an interfaith conservation organization registered as a Trust. Equipped with legal authority Mother Earth aims at expanding its horizon of action to reach out to areas where are special needs to rehabilitate the harmed nature.

Mother Earth Network has since inception engaged interfaith communities through conservation programs ranging from awareness creation, capacity building workshops and practical aspect of tree growing. The Network has gained recognitions and partnerships with various organizations ranging from Government, Private sectors and other environmental organizations.

Great achievements made by the network through the able leadership of Fr.Hermann Borg has made it be recognized and awarded a silver trophy   by Total Eco-challenge in 2012

Fr. Hermann Borg popularly known as Baba Miti (Father of trees) through his love for nature and care for nature, has motivated many faithful’s to care for their environment, his passion, vigor  and zeal to care for creation has been admired by many who have embraced care for their environment and saw the need to be good stewards of Gods Creation. His passion is driven by  the need to mitigate the diverse effects of climate change and he strongly believes that planting trees can provide along lasting solution to climate change phenomenon and a better future for the upcoming generations.