• In the past two decades, Kenya forests have experienced severe destruction as a result of several factors which have in turn affected the hydrological cycles resulting in water shortages across the country. An average of 5000 ha of reserve land is being lost annually; forest degradation and overexploitation has led to 40-60% loss of standing wood volume from forests in the last 30 years
  • The ‘Vision 2030’ sets out environmental objectives with a forest focus of: Increasing forest, tree cover and wood production especially at farm level; Conserving and rehabilitating the remaining natural forest and woodlands for environmental protection and biodiversity conservation Enhancing participatory forest management; and Ensuring that the forestry sector makes a contribution to poverty reduction.
  • To help implement this vision Ruaraka Business Community ,John Ngugi Foundation Mother Earth Network, Solidarity child Rescue and Sports Kenya are planning to plant 500,000 seedlings to rehabilitate Kasarani sports complex.
  • This effort is envisaged to create a forest that can showcase community and sports heroes efforts in conservation , making them associated with conservation initiative aimed ecological development our country.

Project goal

Goal and purpose

  • Increase Kenya’s forest cover by establishment of a forest park that can be a form of  environmental conservation and identity to our Kenyan heroes.

Project Purpose

  • To enhance the integration of the environmental conservation dimension participatory forest conservation, focusing on our Kenyan heroes and surrounding community members.


  • To support community-driven restoration, reforestation and reclamation of degraded land promoting sound environmental management:
  • To promote institutional and personal responsibility to the environment that provides ecological services and goods:
  • To introduce Green/Nature/Environmental clubs in schools and collaborate with other stakeholders in the development and implementation of a student and youth oriented approach to be  used in local schools:
  • Engage media and sports personality for purposes of awareness and publicity on environmental conservation and management.
  • Enhance eco-tourism as a way to promote environmental conservation and active participation in environmental stewardship.
  • To establish a forest park that is composed of national trees of heritage and to honor our national heroes.

Our approach

  • The physical action to be adopted of the project is to rehabilitate the sports complex to be a green park and to mitigate climate change through support for ecological balance, economic and social significance of tree planting which will go a long way to improve the living conditions of the communities in Ruaraka.
  • The trees planted would help in air purification as the area is surrounded by many industrial activities that emit gaseous wastes, area beautification of the sport complex as well as provide a cool environment for sporting activities.
  • This project if given consideration will go a long way to stimulate tree  planting, reforestation and encourage community actions against the phenomenon of climate change and more importantly, restore hope in a population that for the past 20 years has witnessed a drastic drop in forest cover .
  • The project will involve mobilization of surrounding schools, churches and community members to participate in the green project, through the environmental clubs in the schools, the tree planting project will be extended to the participating schools and churches to help create a green zone within the Ruaraka area.

Adoption costs

  • The tree planting site will accommodate 500,000 seedlings this means the area is about 1000 Acres.
  • I Acre of land accommodates 500 seedlings ,with recommended space for tree growth by forest experts.
  • With all the logistics of the planting site in consideration it will cost Ksh .200 togrow a seedling.
  • This therefore means that it costs Ksh 100,000 to grow trees in 1 Acre.


Description Amount
Purchase of a mature  and site specific seedling. Ksh. 50
Preparation of a  recommended sizable hole. Ksh .50
Purchase of  red soil and manure  for tree planting. Ksh .50
Labor cost for planting and maintenance of a seedling 3 months Ksh. 50
Total Ksh .200

Sponsorship/Adoption benefits

  • Right to use “Title Partner ” of the Hero’s Forest Park Conservation Project .
    • Recognition Award/Certificate for participation in the conservation project
    • Team Building – Opportunity for employees to participate in a worthy cause. Organisations can register their staff as teams for the project activities event.
    • Building strong brand image through brand association in environmental conservation.
    • Increased awareness of the company brand through brand visibility of logo banners, flyers and posters that will be used for the event.
    • Brand mentions in all media communication to the public that will be used creating a national brand recognition.
    • Help raise money for conservation efforts and be part of a great cause.

Anticipated Results

  • Kenyan sports personality/ heroes actively involved in forest conservation initiatives and giving back to the society.
    • Planting and launching ceremony conducted, cooperates and organizations mobilized to adopt tree planting sections.
    • At least 500,000 nursery seedlings selected for nursery production and100, 000 trees planted annually in the sports ground.
    • A functional tree planting project steering committee formed for the sustainability of the project.
    • Community participation in Carbon Reduction Scheme and initiative through tree planting and livelihood establishment.
    • Employment creation to the local community members

Methodology for implementing the project

  • The project intends to achieve planting of 500 000 of trees in collaboration with Kenya forest service, Kenya Defense Forces and National Youth Service.
    • The mentioned organizations will assist in provision of technical assistance including provision of relevant tree seedlings, making of holes and watering of the trees.
    • The organizers being registered organizations with many young people settled in the neighborhood, they will maintain the trees under the environment clubs and the scouts.
    • This will also be achieved through collaboration with the interfaith, including but not limited to Christians, Muslims, and Hindus etc. CBOs, NGOs, companies, groups and alliances, embassies and international institutions of likeminded will also be involved in implementation of the project

Implementation plan

  • Phase 1:Pleniminary stage.

This involves planning for the project implementation, identification of partners, resource mobilization, tree planting techniques, site visits .

  • Phase 2 :Establishment of tree nursery.

A tree nursery will be established within the site to help in generating the suitable tree species for the project site.

  • Phase 3: Tree planting.

Involves   tree   planting   to   establish   the   heroes                  forest                 park                 ,taking                  into consideration the suitable  tree species for the area

  • Phase 4: Maintenance.

The trees planted will require a proper maintenance structure for growth and survival

  • Phase 5 :Commissioning of the project.

The project will then be handed over to the community members and the sports stadia for continual after care for the benefit to the communities ,the communities shall have been trained on how to manage the forest.

About us

  • Mother Earth Network is a faith based organization formed

to coordinate collective advocacy for practical solutions to the problems affecting environment in Kenya.

  • Ruaraka Business Community is an umbrella body of companies and industries in Ruaraka, whose main objective is to create a conducive environment to invest, work and live in
    • Solidarity Child Rescue Center is center that offers a Home for the less fortunate mostly the neglected and vulnerable.
    • John Ngugi Foundation is an organization that works to discover, nurture and expose athletic talent in young people in Kenya, with a special emphasis on marginalized communities. It works with communities to mold young people who are gifted in athletics into champions who can compete and win in national and international arenas

Lets join hands and green the Stadium